The little things that reassure me that the universe is listening.

All of history led up to you reading this text post.

Faking a smile triggers the same part of the brain that releases endorphins, which make you happy.


Now you’re manually breathing.

Don’t you hate that??

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Peach heaven 🍑💛
Anonymous: Can you show us what your past week was like? Xox

Show you?? I’m sorry I haven’t been vlogging and taking photos because I’ve been working all day, but I will include you when I do something fun! After yoga I usually just do my homework and then hangout with my friends!

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Anonymous: are books considered material items?

Yes, are you inferring that’s a bad thing? Books are magical and if I were only allowed one material item, I’d probably have a book xo

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Anonymous: How do you cope with your exercises when you're really, really tired; like completely spent... ?? :S ~Little help needed!

I rest, get a good night sleep and be prepared to get moving the next day! Xoxo

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Lately I’ve had a lot of obstacles thrown at me. I’ve been an emotional wreck, but I always wake up feeling stronger.

Everything happens for a reason and sometimes you won’t see the reason, but you have to trust that it is there, hiding in the present or lying in the future.

Don’t be afraid to face plant.
Be afraid to not get back up.


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It’s always an amazing fruity day with @yogifindingpeace !!! 💕✌️
Tea and cherries with @yogifindingpeace !!
We’re on our way to go berry picking 😍🍓🍒
Anonymous: Have you ever tried making an avocado mask for you hair? I did it last night and it made my hair ridiculously soft and shiny! Definitely worth a try in my opinion!

I love it! I mix avocado and coconut oil! If you’re looking to make your hair grow, putting a few drops of lavender and rosemary essential oil are miracle workers! Xoxo

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Anonymous: Hey I'm the one that couldn't see your video and I'm in the Netherlands right now and I could see your vlog :D

Yayyyy!!! Xo

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I promised you guys a better photo of my with my new piercing! 
I’m off to go see a play that my friend is in xoxo

Week 3 of yoga teacher training is complete! I can’t believe how fast this is going. From now on I’m going to attend at least one class every day. I’ve been learning so much and I feel way more comfortable teaching in front of people. I can’t wait to become a legitimate teacher!!!!
In the training we do a lot of self evaluation and confronting our emotions, so lately I’ve been feeling pretty emotional. I literally have been crying everyday. Most of the time it’s not because I’m sad, it’s just because I have such a release of emotion and I have to let it out in some way.
I’ve been doing a daily meditation practice that’s been helping me balance my chakras. I need to strengthen my naval chakra!

Also, tomorrow yogifindingpeace is visiting and we’re going to go to a farm, pick some peaches and berries and then visit a beautiful park! Xo

Love you all!!!

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Anonymous: Whats a typical day of eating like for you?

Breakfast is a big banana smoothie, maybe a piece of fruit in between meals, lunch is something like a melon or 3 mangoes, snack I’ll have a bunch more pieces of fruit, dinner I’ll have a big salad with an avocado dressing and juice on the side, and finally as a dessert I’ll have some bananas in vanilla soy milk and peanut butter or something IDK..
I’m being vague for a reason. Hope you understand xoxo

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Anonymous: You remind me a lot of katy perry, do you listen to/like her?

I’m not much of a fan.. I wonder why you think that????? Xx

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