Much fun! So nauseous! 🌞
Being a toddler at Adventure Land with @katemaret 😋💕

I napped all day and was planning to do nothing, but now I’m spontaneously going to an amusement park with my main squeeze!!! Xox

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My bestfriend is soooo luckkyyyyy! Nomss 😍😍😍😍😍
This was the best papaya! Oh tropical fruits, how I’ll miss you once summer comes to an end 💕🌞
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Maybe if I put my PO box on my blog, eventually I’ll get sent free food and fun stuff :)

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Sunday Spa 🌙
Update or just blabbering?

Now that my training is over, I need to pick a day of the week to post videos consistently. Tomorrow I may go to the Woodstock animal sanctuary and hiking in the Catskills, so I will definitely vlog that for you guys.

I actually went hiking yesterday and I ran into some wild turkey, some deer of course, and a sleeping wolf! Surprisingly, that’s not the first time I’ve accidentally ran into a wild wolf.

Also, my bathroom is being redone, which I’m excited about because I can film in there to show you all of my skin care remedies (massaging, face masks, baths, …)

I know I should probably turn anon back on, but I have to admit, it’s a lot less stressful when my inbox isn’t constantly going up and up and up! I guess I need to put some work into my FAQ because I seem to be answering similar questions a lot. Also, I love just doing these text posts where I can update you guys and blab freely.. Do you like these? I really want input! Message me of what you like or want more of! Eventually, I’d like to take all of your ideas and created own website. I’m currently getting some assistance on how this whole blogging thing works.

It would help me so much if you guys could follow me on Instagram @jenconverso and subscribe to my YouTube, Jen Converso.

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This beautiful world is my home 🌞🌳
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Early morning flow at my sister’s new apartment! It’s so beautiful here.. Can I move in?? 😉 #yoga
Beautiful, fresh farmers market in Geneseo, NY 🌞✌️