Mother, you are beautiful 🌚🌞

So happy these days :*

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Anonymous: Hi ya, I really enjoy meditating but I am not sure if it is best to meditate in the morning or evening? Which is best?

Whatever works for you! It may be a bit easier in the morning because your mind is clear and it leaves you a fresh slate and a positive start for the day. On the other side, meditating is good to clear your mind at the end of the day from all the stressors. Try both and see xo

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Anonymous: Can you post more photos of your delicious food?

Will do! Xoxo

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Anonymous: what park is that?

Hecksher park xo

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Perfect place to lay down and do some homework 🌻 #liveyouryoga
Anonymous: Did u do any sports as a kid/in school???

Cheerleading for 8 years!
I also did 4 years of dance, 1 of hockey and 1/2 of a game of soccer (quit in the middle of the first game)

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Anonymous: won't it be difficult to eat vegan food during your trip to pennsylvania? xx

I wouldn’t be so pessimistic. Markets exists in Pennsylvania and I’m sure it won’t be hard at all to find one. And most restaurants have a few vegan options if you do a little custom ordering. Xo

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Anonymous: What was your morning like today

I got out of bed at 5, read a little, pet my puppy a lot, ate oatmeal, got dressed and left. It was amazing xo

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Good morning!!!!

really GOOD morning!!!

I’m so happy today! Later this week I’ll be leaving with my friends to go to Pennsylvania for a yoga retreat. We’re gonna go to Bryan Kest’s master class, go hiking, make bath salts in a cave, go to a vineyard, and get a meditative massage. 

Plus, my yogi teacher emailed me last night asking if she could hire me to make flyers and posters for her because she found my flyers very good!!

AND I’m waiting to be called for a job interview, which I’m deeply depending on to afford all my expenses from yoga and the website.
Anonymous: i love you! youre such a beautiful petal xx

I love you!!!!! xoxo

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Anonymous: Are you attracted to girls and guys ?

I’m not attracted to genders, I’m attracted to energy. xoxo

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Website Update!

I’ll be working on my website for the next month or so! In it I’ll have:

  • Vegan recipes
  • Yoga sequences
  • Blog posts
  • Health & Beauty posts 

Also, I’m officially announcing my hashtag!!!

The whole reason I want to create this website is to share a lifestyle of positive energy! As I always say, yoga is much more than a physical practice: it’s a peaceful, loving and compassionate way of life. 

So for now on I’ll be tracking and reposting from the #liveyouryoga on instagram and tumblr. I want you to take yoga off the mat and into everyday life. Whenever you’re getting in touch with your yoga, post a picture, #liveyouryoga and tag me!

If you don’t follow me on instagram, follow me @jenconverso

Spread the word and get involved!!

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Anonymous: Didn't you used to eat more towards high carb/fruititarianism? What made you transition away from it?

I do eat a LOT of fruit, but I choose not to label myself as anything besides vegan. Xo

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