As of lately, I’ve been feeling much more in rhythm with the vibrations of the universe.
Nothing is going particularly well, but I just feel safe in the sense that my only obligation is to breathe.
I don’t feel the need to analyses what’s going on in my life right now because, regardless, I’m surrounded by love.

Lokho samasthah sukhino bavanthu
May all of you be happy and at peace

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This is one of my dreams.
Wherever this is, I will travel there and watch the sun set whilst bathing in nature 🌞
Anonymous: Why'd you get a 4 day weekend? Glad you enjoyed you lucky cutie

Jewish new year and thanks!! Xo

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Anonymous: Hey, I keep on loosing weight but I've done nothing different I dont understand it pls help

There are so many things that could alter your metabolism: stress, weather, activity and so on. If you’re concerned that this weight loss is unhealthy, give your body more nourishment so that it can adjust to your metabolism. You’re beautiful xo

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Anonymous: How to start yoga first Please! ;)

This weekend I filmed beautiful bits if it and next weekend I’ll finish it. Namaste xo

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Before I go to bed, I just have t share how eventful this 4 day weekend was!

Wednesday: after school I hung out with a group of friends. We played Mario kart and chatted.
Thursday: I made up a yoga class from the teacher training all day (I meditated for an hour and learnt Sanskrit), then at night I went to see the maze runner with another big group of friends.
Friday: I made up another yoga teaching class all day and then hung out with my friend from another school. We watched his favorite movie and played cards.
Saturday: spent the day in the city with yogifindingpeace. We went to the farmers market, had a picnic in the park, and then went to the high land where there was an Eco convention. When I got home, I went to a friend’s house with a bunch of girls. We danced and sang like idiots.
Sunday: I got my homework done, went to the natural food store, did yoga and meditation in the park and got two interviews done for my newspaper article.

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Anonymous: What's your instagram?


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Videos I’m gonna make soon:

How to start yoga
My fitness routine
My diy spa day routine
Natural skin remedies

Which one do I do first???

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Pure vibrance at the farmers market 🌞🌞

You will gain, it’s inevitable. But it’s not the weight that I bother to discuss, it’s life. xo

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Anonymous: What do you eat to get enough zinc? Xx

Leafy greens, legumes and nuts xoxo

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Anonymous: What do you know about the Upanishads?

I’ve learned so much of it from yoga. Opened my eyes xoxo

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Anonymous: how to meditate? should i count my breaths or what should i do?

There is no “how to” on meditation. The point of meditation is to let go of the ego and the body and just be. It’s to allow your soul connect with the vibrations of the universe. No thoughts, no desire, no worries.

For me, meditation is something I try to practice throughout my entire day by being mindful and present. Because of this, I find that I rarely have thoughts in my mind. I actually have to force myself to speak or imagine things in my head. I’ve become an observer of life and I’ve learnt to not judge what I encounter. For example, you may look at the clouds and think “it’s cloudy and that makes me sad”, but to live in the present, you acknowledge that it’s cloudy and then allow the clouds to pass by without judgment.
Another form of meditation I practice is stillness. Stillness is extremely hard for us busy humans that wish to accomplish as much as possible and force success. Stillness reminds us that it is the universe that will ultimately control all. Surrender to the universe and trust in its plan. So, I like to sit or lay down for 5-20 minutes and listen to the silence in my mind.
One that I’ve been loving lately, is repeating a mantra that translates something you’d like to receive or out out into the universe. The mantra I repeat everyday is “lokah samasthah sukhino bhavanthu”, which roughly means: may all beings on this earth be happy and may I live my life for the happiness of the universe. I repeat this 28 times, to represent the 28 beads on a mala and then end with om for the 29th bead.

I encourage you to find a method of meditation that works for you and practice it ritually xoxo

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