givemethecookiejar: Hey Jen! I hope you're doing well :) I am interested to know: what is yoga to you?

For me, yoga is how I choose to live my life. The sutras, or teachings, of yoga are so beautiful and mind opening. They have helped me through so much and I hope to continue to grow. The most profound thing I have learned from yoga is that your only purpose in life is simply to be. You don’t have to associate your being with anything. For example, I am rich, I am beautiful, I am fat, and so on. All you have to say is, “I am” and that is enough. Your existence is impossible to put in one descriptive word because you are the entire universe. You are the best and the worst, richest and poorest, fattest and slimmest. You are everything because you are a part of the universe and the universe is interconnected. Xoxo

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gigi210199: How did your party go? Xx

(Hope you don’t mind this being public.)

It was awesome! I had a little over 20 people are and we played volleyball, chilled by the bonfire, played some games and chatted it up. It was adorable and so many people came dresses as hippies and I played Woodstock music and ahhhhhh I love it!

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Tagged by agirlnamedally to answer these cheeky questions! Xoxo

(I’m a rule breaker, so I may not follow the rules of this tag hehehehehe)

Would you kill an innocent person if it meant saving dozens of others?
- If I could choose the innocent person, I would rather kill myself because I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing I killed an innocent person, even if I did save others.

Do you believe in ghosts or the afterlife?
- I believe that your energy is your “soul” and bits and pieces of it escape you everyday (hopefully positive energy). Once you die, I believe that your energy will soak into the earth through your decomposed body to feed the plants. Eventually, an animal will eat that plant and they’re receiving your energy! Technically, this is the energy cycle, which is proven by science, but my twist on it is that you can create positive and negative energy, which affects your being.

If you were writing your autobiography, what would it be called?
- This sounds so silly, but I’d like it to be called “sunflower.” The journey of a flower is so similar to mine. It grows through dirt, thrives off the sun, and struggles in the cold. Talking to a flower will boost your mood and give life to the flower as well. The conditions for a flower to grow to it’s fullest extent are so poor on the earth, but even through cracks in the pavement, it will grow.

What are your top 5 most played songs?
- daughters by John Mayer, gravity by John Mayer, dust bowl dance by Mumford and sons, Santeria by sublime and other side by red hot chili peppers.

If you had to wake up and go to sleep at the same hour (i.e 3am and 3pm) what number would you pick?
- 8 o’clock. I love mornings way too much!!!

What is your most embarrassing memory?
- when I was in seconds grade, my class went on a field trip and on the way home, I made the bus stop at CVS because I had to pee so badly and I didn’t want to pee my pants in front of everyone… I was crying.

What are your favourite quotes?
- “wether you think you can or your think you can’t, you’re right”
“Every flower just grow through a little dirt.”
“The only constant thing in life is change”
There are so many quotes I love, but those are ones that come to mind right away.

Would you rather know how, or when you’re going to die?
- How. I feel as though I would just be waiting for the day I die if I knew when it were to happen. I’m guessing I’ll die from old age, so that’s not too scary.

If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?
- Woodstock obviously!

If you could be immortal for a day, what would you do?
- I would explore the amazon rain forest and go to places people have never been before!

What steps do you think we can all take to make our world a better and more sustainable place?
- I think it would do people good to simply spend more time in nature. If we all appreciated the beauty in nature, then maybe be would be more alarmed when we leaned the truth about factory farming, global warming, and pollution. Nature brings us peace and happiness, and we intend to destroy it. It’s kind of a metaphor for modern life.

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Blahhhhhhhh :/

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Much excited for my party tonight!!
It’s hippie themed hehehhee
Pceee and love

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Much fun! So nauseous! 🌞
Being a toddler at Adventure Land with @katemaret πŸ˜‹πŸ’•

I napped all day and was planning to do nothing, but now I’m spontaneously going to an amusement park with my main squeeze!!! Xox

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My bestfriend is soooo luckkyyyyy! Nomss 😍😍😍😍😍
This was the best papaya! Oh tropical fruits, how I’ll miss you once summer comes to an end πŸ’•πŸŒž
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Maybe if I put my PO box on my blog, eventually I’ll get sent free food and fun stuff :)

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