Anonymous: I don't have an ice cream maker, is it still possible to make banana ice cream?

I have a vitamix blender, so it works well in my blender. I honestly have no clue how it works in other lower grade blenders. Sorry!!! Xoxo

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Anonymous: Can you please explain step by step how you make your banana ice cream?

1) freeze some ripe bananas over night
2) throw them in your blender
3) mash them into the blade into they reach an ice cream consistency
4) nom
5) nom
6) nom

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Anonymous: I got mine done at 16! It's perfectly fine! All that happens is your eye water. I mean I tolerate pain pretty well but it was a little pinch that's all! It will look great!


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Someone please tell me getting your nose pierced doesn’t hurt at all…

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Sometimes my life gets turned upside down 😋💕✌️ #yoga
Anonymous: What yoga books did you find were most helpful for you?

The first book I read was “yoga cures” by Tara Stiles and right now I’m LOVING the book “a handbook of chakra healing.” It’s so interesting! Xoxo

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Anonymous: Can you give me some personal recommendations or advice on exercises for the calves? Mine are untoned, sort of stunted and I want for them to be longer, leaner and stronger. Not bulky. Ta (:

Anything of your tippy toes such as high lunge will activate your calves. Maybe an exercise you can do is lunge squats. Also, flexing your feet will activate your calves, so maybe you can sit with your legs in front of you and do leg lifts, of sit in a seated L and do one leg at a time. In yoga, balance poses or great for your calves such as warrior 3 and half moon pose! Xoxo

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Anonymous: Hi Jen, i am vegan for 5 years now but it wasn't the healthiest way all the time. i want to change that and eat the "right" things. my main problem is that i'm much more used to eat raw fruit than raw vegetable. i could easyily consume just fruit for a long time. would that be okay for the start? i plan on adding more and more vegetables over time.

If you JUST eat fruit for a period of time, you may become deficient in some vitamins and minerals. It’s different for everyone, but maybe you could try to sneak those veggies in by throwing some greens in your smoothie or making fruit tacos with romain lettuce lead shells. If you find it easier to eat veggies cookies, then cook them! I love steamed corn and veggies mmmmmm!

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Anonymous: I'm not sure if you've already decided on what to do for your community service thing, but I thought I should mention, I work at a women's shelter and we have a volunteer who teaches yoga classes a few times a week and brings along healthy food. It would be awesome if you shared yoga and healthy living with people that really need it! I'm sure that there would be a lot of places that would appreciate that kind of contribution.

I didn’t yet learn about how to handle trauma and as a 16 year old, maybe it wouldn’t be as appropriate to be in this situation, but as someone that’s been through trauma, I will definitely do that as a karma project when I am older and more experienced. Thank you so much xoxo

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Meditation in yoga teacher training. xo
Anonymous: I just want you to know that I think you're such an inspiration. Our world should be filled w/ppl who has a positive outlook in the world like you. I want you to know that everything is going to be okay. Just keep doing what you're doing because you're sending such amazing positive vibes. I was having a shitty night, but that's going to change & I'm going to be all about this positive & uplifting vibe. Thank you so much for your kindness. I truly wished I had you as my friend, life would great.

I needed this. I’m so grateful for you xoxo

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Getting stronger inside and out ☀️💕✌️
Anonymous: I know that you do take a yoga class with an instructor, and you also practise it at home. So I've read that you've answered previous questions of both pros and cons of teaching yourself at home and from online without an instructor... so how do you manage this yourself? when you practise at home and not with your instructor is it by knowledge and memory from your classes? (I hope this makes sense!) thank you!

I started out yoga by simply memorizing poses I got out of a book and article and figuring out ways I can tie them together in a way that flows. Now, I have more knowledge from all the classes I’ve taken and I can let my body flow without any thought. I listen to where my body needs to be strengthened and stretched by scanning my body before my practice. Xoxo

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Anonymous: What's the trickiest pose or movement you're able to do?

On a good day I can get a handstand scorpion! Xoxo

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Anonymous: Is your family "on board" with the way YOU live? An example of what I'm talking about would be: your food. Do the rest of your family eat the way you do or do they have unhealthier preferences that can prove a challenge within the home? Along with this, how do you plan your food shopping and is it done by you, yourself? or your parents? Thank you so much..(:

My family is very accepting to the way I live and I think they find it interesting as they love to tell people about it. They do eat meat, but I believe that I’ve influenced them to eat more of a plant based diet than most people. I believe that my sister will one day hop on board to becoming vegan or vegetarian, but not until later in her life. She has been making a lot of vegan food lately and it makes me so happy. I don’t push my beliefs on them, but I will admit that if they bring up a debate, sometimes I will try to defend myself and it usually leaves me upset and crying. Its beyond hard for me to see meat being cooked and smelling it in my house. To me, that’s dead, negative energy in my safe zone and it bothers me that I have no choice but to sit with it. I say a prayer for the animal and try and move on. As far as other aspects if my life, like being Eco friendly and active, my family is on board. Although, they don’t much like the compost because it brings of lot of flying friends around! Also, my sister loves yoga and my brother tries to stretch everyday as well.
I don’t have an income, so my mom buys my food. However, I’ve been finding amazing deals and I’ve been spending at most $50 a week. My mom tells me that she’s very grateful that I eat this way because it is a huge money saver. Xo

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